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Antbrick is the consulting firm that asks the tough questions and listens well. We operate at the intersection of business strategy, technology, and our client’s most important goals.

Our mission is to be a key factor in driving efficiency and growth for our client’s success.

Antbrick seamlessly streamlines our day to day IT processes and maintenance intuitively.
~ P.L. Johansson

What We Do

Internet marketing and SEO | IT Consulting and Operations

We move businesses forward to where they need to be. From one, or a few IT processes, to fully taking care of all your IT and SEO needs.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is the same as our mission: “To be a key factor in driving efficiency and growth for our client’s success”. This is accomplished through key insights and quality services that help us build confidence and trust.

About Dane Broderick

Antbrick Consulting was founded by Dane Broderick. Dane is a senior consultant and SEO specialist.

After starting his first consulting company in 1998, he has worked on a broad range of projects over his active 20 plus years as a successful IT consultant helping businesses increase in efficiency, positively affecting their bottom line.

Dane´s approach to efficiency and growth for is clients have been finely tuned into a strategical approach of confidence and trust.

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